Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sky-Wind Power

OK, since this is the first post, it only makes sense that I blog about a source of energy very few people have heard of. Well, actually, that's not completely true, Sky Wind Power is basically wind power, it is just that the concept and technology being used to harness it are very different from the regular (now conventional?) Wind-Mills.

The folks at Sky WindPower Corporation seem pretty serious about what they are doing.

To go along with this post, here is a shot of some "conventional" wind-mills I took from the I-10 Fwy, close to Palm Springs, CA (about 100mi, NE of San Diego)


Matthew Cornell said...

I'd love to see a major effort here in the US to develop wind and other non-oil sources. That said, I believe that adopting such alternatives would still require a massive reduction in our out-of-proportion consumption. Add up all the alternatives and you don't even get close.

Here in MA, Cape Cod residents vetoed a large wind farm a mile or two out on the water. Insane!

I'd like a personal one for our house, even a smallish generator. Not much room in town, though...

keaten said...

they were taken with d40